Contributions -- Abstract submission period has ended

It is our intention to publish all the accepted communications both in digital on-line format and in a book of Conference abstracts.

In a later stage after (see the link) the meeting, authors may submit full papers from the Conference communications in order to publish a special issue of the journal Acetic Acid Bacteria (a new journal of PAGEPress® The journal is an Open Access Publication.

Special thanks are due to PAGEPress® as well as to Maria Gullo, Editor in Chief of Acetic Acid Bacteria, for offering the journal as a platform for publishing all the abstracts at no cost at all. Nevertheless, the special issue with full papers will comply with the general PAGEPress® policy (copyright, publication fees, etc.).

Submission Guidelines


  • Original abstracts in English must be submitted on-line from the Conference website within the established deadline (January 30).
  • Only abstracts submitted on-line through the Conference website will be considered.
  • Submission of an abstract constitutes (once accepted) agreement with and acceptance of the commitment to register for and attend the Conference by at least one of the authors to present the communication. Accepted abstracts submitted by authors who do not formalize their registration (paying the registration fee) before February 29, will not be included in the Abstracts Book.
  • Each registered delegate will be allowed to submit up to two communications, but, of course, it is possible to contribute to others.
  • Please, check carefully abstracts for correct grammar and spelling.
  • The Scientific Committee will review and select communications by areas and decide whether they will be presented orally or as posters.

Remarks about the on-line submission procedure

  • First you need to create an account (Please, when naming your account, do not use any mark on the letters such as, for instant, diaereses and accents).
  • Once the username and password are available you can login and the access to a private area is provided. Then uploading of up to two files is allowed. Before the deadline for submitting abstracts, the uploaded files can be freely replaced.
  • After the submission deadline, the corresponding author will be notified of the reception of the abstract/s, by e-mail.
  • After the reviewing process is completed, the corresponding author will be notified of the result, by e-mail.

Format for Abstracts

  • The guidelines for abstract formatting provided at the Conference website ought to be used for all the submitted abstracts. Please, check and carefully follow the instructions and template provided (download template).
  • Though full details are given in the template, some are highlighted next:
    • The easiest way to format the abstract for the Conference is with the Word template file (.doc) downloadable from the Conference website.
    • Please, follow these guidelines to ensure a standardized format for all the abstracts published in the Abstracts Book.
    • The main text must describe the context, research findings, originality and any necessary aspect for highlighting the importance of the communication.
    • The general layout (title, authors, etc) can be found in the template.
    • The whole document should be no more than ONE PAGE long.
    • The document must fit within the next margins for standard A4 paper (21 cm x 29.7 cm): 3 cm for the top, left and right and 2.5 cm for the bottom.
    • Tables, figures, references and equations can be included if absolutely necessary.
    • No headers or page numbers should be used.
    • At the foot of the page indicate the SESSION, according to the Scientific Programme, for the abstract to be included in.
    • Keywords. Following the main text, select 3-5 words o short phrases for indexing purposes.
    • Once finished the document save it, preferably, as a Word file (.doc) and submit it on-line through the Conference website.


The 3rd International Conference on Acetic Acid Bacteria. Vinegar and Other Products.

Organizing Committee: Área de Ingeniería Química. Edificio Marie Curie. Campus Universitario de Rabanales. Universidad de Córdoba. Ctra. (a) de Madrid, Km. 396. (14071) Córdoba, Spain.

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