The researchers, Guadalupe Gómez Baena

The UCO participates in a study that shows, through analysis of the scent marks they leave in theirsurroundings, that female rats also communicate with each other

People coinfected with SARS-CoV-2 and cytomegalovirus are at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease

Joint infection with one of the most frequent herpesviruses and the coronavirus causes premature aging of the immune system in mild or asymptomatic patients, although the vaccine against COVID-19 seems to help prevent this phenomenon

A study by the IMIBIC and UCO identifies a new mechanism involved in the reproductive function

A family of regulatory molecules, microRNAs, are key to the maintenance of fertility in both genders.

A study finds that the success rate of vaginal delivery by mothers with priorC-sections declined during the early months of the pandemic

The study shows a decline in the success of natural childbirth during the first wave of Covid-19 in women who previously hadC-sections, although the research team responsible for the study notes that this difference has declined over time, and that the number of successful pregnancies remains high

ALIVE PROJECT | The University of Cordoba Conducts Research on the Improvement of Liver Cancer Surgery

The European ALIVE project, coordinated at the UCO by Professor Joaquín Olivares Bueno, pursues the optimization of computer-assisted tools that allow surgeons to fine-tune liver cancer operation plans

From left to right: researchers and professors Rafael Solana, Alejandra Pera and Fakhri Hassouneh

A research team at the University of Córdoba is studying the alterations that occur in the immune system's T lymphocytes with respect to age and in relation to the cytomegalovirus herpesvirus

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