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Europe Prepares to Train Digital Heritage Conservation Specialists

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Europe Prepares to Train Digital Heritage Conservation Specialists

A UCO research team is designing learning modules that train people to manage digital resources related to heritage, within the framework of the European Dcbox project

Recreation of the Curia in its phase II (A. Monterroso, J.I. Murillo, R. Martín and M.A Utrero)

An Italian/Spanish research project on the monument where Julius Caesar was assassinated, with the University of Córdoba participating, used archaeometric techniques to analyze construction materials and establish an indirect dating method for its archaeological structures

Jueves, 25 Noviembre 2021 08:25

BILINGUAL-ME PROJECT | Accreditation System Designed for Bilingualism Programs

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Research staff of the European Bilingual-Me project

The University of Córdoba is working on an integrated system that makes it possible to resolve learning problems in non-mother tongues

Research staff of the project V: InD: O: W

A European project focuses on the development and creation of digital tools for university professors of second languages, with a view to the inclusion of students with different abilities

Martes, 19 Octubre 2021 08:28

Comics and Brochures Help Spread Oncological Knowledge

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One of the designs made in the project

The University of Cordoba’s 'Text, Science and Translation (HUM-947)' research group is working on a project that translates and adapts texts oncancer-related scientific advances for non-expert readers

Comparison between what LiDAR detects and the human eye of archaeological remains

A team from the University of Cordoba is using a new technology to reveal archaeological data without affecting nature

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