LIFE SCRUBS NET PROJECT | Scrub: an element to be assessed for the regeneration of dehesas

The European LIFE ScrubsNet project, in which the UCO is participating, is working on the conservation of vegetation and the mitigation of climate change

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BONEX PROJECT | A European project seeks to optimize the water/energy nexus

The UCO is participating in the Bonex project, which aims to import solar irrigation systems from countries such as India and Pakistan into the Mediterranean area

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HIBA PROJECT | Online tutorials facilitate the digitalization of the agricultural sector

The UCO is participating in the European HIBA project, an initiative that will offer training and digital tools for crop management

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PCE PROJECT | Gastronomy proves its utility in teaching European values to EU schoolchildren

Germany, Lithuania, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Holland, Ireland and Spain join forces on the PCE project to define what European culture is and how to convey it to Primary Education students

FIREURISK PROJECT | A New Model Assesses the Economic Losses Inflicted by Forest Fires

The UCO is participating in the European FirEUrisk project to develop tools to classify territories by their degree of vulnerability to fires

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Europe Prepares to Train Digital Heritage Conservation Specialists

A UCO research team is designing learning modules that train people to manage digital resources related to heritage, within the framework of the European Dcbox project

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E-DUCATION PROJECT | The Pandemic Underscores the Need to Furnish Primary and Secondary School Teachers with Digital Skills

The European E-DUCATION project, in which the UCO is participating, aims to highlight the need for digital resources at primary and secondary schools

PLURIMATHS PROJECT | New pedagogical materials generated to teach mathematics in foreign languages

The UCO is coordinating the PLURIMATHS European project, in which universities from Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom are participating to improve the teaching of Mathematics in multilingual and multicultural contexts

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FIREPOCTEP PROJECT | Methodology developed for improved forest fire management

The European FIREPOCTEP project will make it possible to determine the degree of difficulty of extinguishing a fire in a given territory, and to predict the corresponding costs

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ADD-ON SKILLS PROJECT | Civil Engineering Focuses on Sustainable Construction

The UCO is participating, together with Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and Italian universities, in the ADD-ON_SKILLS project for the launch of a course on the use of efficient technologies facilitating the transformation of the Construction sector in Europe

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