A study by the IMIBIC and UCO identifies a new mechanism involved in the reproductive function

A family of regulatory molecules, microRNAs, are key to the maintenance of fertility in both genders.

Martes, 12 Julio 2022 08:42

Study Analyzes Hepatitis E Virus Exposure in Iberian Lynxes

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Release to the natural environment of an Iberian lynx specimen

The results indicate that the level of virus exposure is higher among captive lynxes than those in the wild

Researchers who have developed this tool

The UCO's Hydraulics and Irrigation group develops a decision support system based on new technologies for the management of precision irrigation in greenhouse horticultural and outdoor woody crops

LIFE SCRUBS NET PROJECT | Scrub: an element to be assessed for the regeneration of dehesas

The European LIFE ScrubsNet project, in which the UCO is participating, is working on the conservation of vegetation and the mitigation of climate change

Study of Scots pine in El Moncayo (Zaragoza)

The study, carried out by the Silvadapt network, demonstrates that silvicultural practices, such as thinning, help forests adapt to future conditions spawned by climate change

BONEX PROJECT | A European project seeks to optimize the water/energy nexus

The UCO is participating in the Bonex project, which aims to import solar irrigation systems from countries such as India and Pakistan into the Mediterranean area

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