Researchers of the UCO Fusarium Lab

An international study on Fusarium oxysporum, one of the most lethal fungi for crops, found, contrary to what had been thought to date, that the absence of a certain type of enzyme increases the rate of infection, although it decreases the pathogen's ability to spread, opening a door to new strategies to control its infection

FIREURISK PROJECT | A New Model Assesses the Economic Losses Inflicted by Forest Fires

The UCO is participating in the European FirEUrisk project to develop tools to classify territories by their degree of vulnerability to fires

Europe Prepares to Train Digital Heritage Conservation Specialists

A UCO research team is designing learning modules that train people to manage digital resources related to heritage, within the framework of the European Dcbox project

Researchers Carlos Agustí, Ana Moral and Antonio Trapero

A team at the UCO evaluates the effectiveness of two beneficial microorganisms and a fertilizer as a strategy to bolster the olive tree's natural defenses against Verticillium Wilt of olive (VWO), a disease that poses a serious threat to olive groves

E-DUCATION PROJECT | The Pandemic Underscores the Need to Furnish Primary and Secondary School Teachers with Digital Skills

The European E-DUCATION project, in which the UCO is participating, aims to highlight the need for digital resources at primary and secondary schools

PLURIMATHS PROJECT | New pedagogical materials generated to teach mathematics in foreign languages

The UCO is coordinating the PLURIMATHS European project, in which universities from Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom are participating to improve the teaching of Mathematics in multilingual and multicultural contexts

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