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The research, published in Nature Microbiology, could help the search for more effective medicine and delves deeper into understanding the role of microRNAs in gene expression

SUDOANG | To the rescue of the European eel, a species of high biological value in critical danger of extinction

'Sudoang' will endeavour to resolve some of the mysteries about the biology of this species, with the aim of protecting it

Emilio Fernández, principal investigator of the project

The results of the UNREDE project could be important to help these organisms survive under adverse conditions

A new gene involved in strawberry fruiting time is identified
The study, published by the University of Cordoba and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA-ARS), takes a step further in understanding the mechanisms that control fruiting in strawberries
Viernes, 29 Noviembre 2019 13:19

Association and Collaboration to Bolster the Agricultural Sector

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Association and Collaboration to Bolster the Agricultural Sector
The BOND project promotes the creation of networks for civil society to reclaim its capacity to decide on its agriculture
A study compares how water is managed in Spain, California and Australia

Legislative changes in these three regions always come about due to drought crises but they show important differences

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