Welcome to the University of Córdoba


Internet Access in the University

The University of Cordoba offers a e-mail services , maintained by the

Computing Service, offered to all members of the university community during

their relationship with the university.

When you get your email account it is provided credentials (username / password)

that will serve to connect to the wireless network (WLAN) of the University

from any phone or laptop. Being part of Eduroam (Educational Roaming)

is an international project trying to create an unified  Wifi space for easy and

covenient inter-institutional roaming allows users visiting another institution

connected to Eduroam to log on to the WLAN using the same credentials (username and password)

the user would use if he were at his home institution.

University of Córdoba's network offer its visitors the same services it give

their local users, throughout every access modalities.

Students restrictions are applied.

If your stay at the University of Cordoba for a short period of time,

like a visiting professor may request the creation of an account of courtesy,

from informatics services, will provide credentials that will allow you to access

the wireless network.


Access to the Computer Room of the University

If you want to use the equipment of the teaching classrooms and computers you will

use (username/password) email. If you choose to work

with the windows system must have created the WINDOWS ACCOUNT.

These accounts are used to access windows servers of the University of Cordoba,

which will allow you to access the software deployed on servers, not only from

the classrooms of the University also from laptops, mobile or from home.

Other services of interest

The University of Cordoba with the security company Panda Software SA

have signed a collaboration agreement for the protection of computers

users of the University of Cordoba. May have an antivirus

personal for free. only have to provide your address

e-mail, and you will receive a message with the

password of Panda Software SA and the address where you can download

each of the products available.