The researchers José Antonio Riquelme Cantal y Juan Manuel Garrido Anguita with a camelid bone

The research team has found the remains of 9 different camelids, making Córdoba one of the main sites featuring this animal on the Iberian Peninsula

Entrance to the cave. Juan Carlos Vera Rodríguez

The University of Cordoba has participated in an international study documenting post-mortem bone modifications not linked to consumption

Anarcheological first: a poem by Virgil appears on the remnants of a Roman oil amphora

An international team of archaeologists spent seven years verifying the exceptionality of the piece found in the Cordovan countryside, beforepresent it in the University of Cambridge's Journal of Roman Archaeology

Genomics and Archaeology Rewrite the Neolithic Revolution in the Maghreb

Cultural exchanges and interbreeding between African hunter-gatherers, Neolithic European farmers, and East-Saharan herders shaped changes in lifestyles, cultural expression and genetic makeup in the Maghreb between 5500 and 4500 BC, according to a study published today in Nature.

María Medina in the Navarro Cave (Malaga)

A new study reveals that Nerja is the European cave containing Paleolithic Art in with the most confirmed and recurrent visits during Prehistory

Europe Prepares to Train Digital Heritage Conservation Specialists

A UCO research team is designing learning modules that train people to manage digital resources related to heritage, within the framework of the European Dcbox project

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